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Our Mission

We pride ourselves on the level of service and professional expertise we provide to the property management and facility management communities. Our mission is to serve this niche market by understanding that the roof is only one part of the larger building asset and that each property manager and each building has unique roofing needs that must be addressed.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your roofing needs.

Thank you,

Jim Younger, President


Get To Know Us

NW Professional Roofing Services, Inc. exists to serve the needs of building owners and managers for unbiased professional roof consulting. Training, education, and certification are core to providing the level of knowledge and experience necessary to meet the needs of our clients.

The following is a brief list of the background, education, certification, and achievements of our key staff:


Jim Younger / President

Jim has 28 years of experience in construction estimating and project management with 18 years being in the roofing industry. He started his roofing career with Snyder Roofing, where he managed the re-roof and repair department. His duties included working with private sector building owners and managers to create functional and cost-effective roof repair options as well as to design/bid roof replacement projects.

After nine years with Snyder Roofing, Jim felt that his skill set and client-first attitude could be best utilized in consulting as the building owner’s representative versus as a contractor. For the past nine years, Jim has owned and managed NW Professional Roofing Systems.

The role of roof consultant fits Jim’s personality and skill set well as the position allows Jim to function as the design professional and advocate for building owners and managers ensuring that each project is properly designed and personally confirming that the building owner receives the best ‘bang for the buck’ in their roofing investment.


Jennifer Crouse / Marketing & Operations Manager

Jennifer has over 30 years of experience in marketing, primarily in real estate finance. She is a seasoned professional, with a deeply ingrained passion for helping others achieve their goals. She is a Veteran, former City of DuPont council member and currently resides with her family in Sultan, Washington. 

She is an avid reader, compulsive volunteer, creative cake baker, crafter, addicted to technology, and watching the Seahawks. Jennifer’s personal philosophy is constant self-improvement and is always seeking ways to make a difference. She is a Notary Public and has a Master’s in Business Management.


Jerid Younger, RRO / Drafter & Quality Assurance Manager

Jerid, a Veteran, graduated with his degree in drafting and has spent the past few years learning about roofing, roof system technology, and all of the facets involved with specifying and installing a quality roof system. Jerid also manages the quality assurance group where he oversees all ongoing roof replacement projects.