Inspections to Keep Your Roof in Excellent Condition

NW Professional Roofing Services Inc. in Bothell, Washington, offers a range of accurate commercial roofing inspections and consultations. Once our on-site inspections are completed, we provide our customers with a thorough, easy to understand report.

How We Can Help

A successful roof replacement requires the expertise of professional contractors. However, some companies are more interested in making a profit than providing good work. These contractors will attempt to attract you by giving the cheapest bid possible, whether or not it is appropriate for the building.  Our role is to work on your behalf to ensure that a roof replacement is properly designed and that only reputable contractors are bidding on your roof replacement.

The Roof Ripper

Personalized Services

If you want to be assured that you get the right roof system, rely on us to give you our expert assessment. Our team creates professional bid documents and takes the project out for bid to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

Why Use a Third-Party Inspector?

Surveying and inspection services from a reliable third party are vital to the long-term protection of your roof’s integrity. Our team strives to provide you with unbiased information that is tailored to your interests and needs.

Superior Work

We provide our clients with detailed commercial roof inspection services to ensure that you make the best decisions for the cost and maintenance of your commercial roof.  We offer cost-effective and comprehensive results in an easy to understand report.

Our Inspection Process

By understanding that the roof is only one part of the entire building investment, we perform the roof inspection in a systematic way to determine the cause of any roof problems, but also take a common-sense and cost effective approach in the repair work we recommend.

Services We Are Proud to Offer

Roof Inspection Services:
Inspection with a detailed roof condition report
Re-Roof Design and Taking the Project to Bid:
We provide professional re-roof design that meets all building code and manufacturer's warranty requirements.
On-Site Quality Assurance Monitoring:
Ensure the roof is being properly installed.
Project Management:
Manage all aspects of the project from creation to construction completion.
Litigation Support and Expert Witness:
Our team has extensive training and the highest possible certifications.
Long-Term Capital Expense Budgeting:
Ten-year budget projections for any roof costs.
New Construction Design:
We work with Seattle’s best-known architects.
Pre-Screened Roofing Contractors:
Our team has vetted many of the region's top roofing contractors.
Infrared Thermography:
Locate water trapped within your roof system.

We work side by side with vendors & associations like these to assure the highest quality and services are provided to our clients.